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At Sargento, our culinary and cheese experts understand the characteristics, performance properties and all the ingredient possibilities of all the cheeses we sell, and we’re structured to collaborate with you to ensure the success of your next assignment. Natural cheese and process cheese each have distinct attributes, and we can be your guide in selecting the specific cheese that suits your purposes. 

Optimize Flavor Profile and Functionality

Sargento Natural Cheeses are traditionally made with ingredients that align with the increasingly strong consumer demand for clean labeling. Our cheese experts can collaborate with you to select the cheese with the target flavor profile and functionality requirements best suited to your next project.

Control Melt and Consistency

Consistency and controlled melting are two of the most valuable features of process cheese. It will soften and spread when heated without oiling off, which makes it an ideal inclusion in sausages and processed meats, as a protein topper or in sandwiches. Available in a variety of natural cheese and, process cheese gives product developers extensive flexibility in creating Hispanic, Mediterranean or fusion-inspired products, and our team of culinary experts is available to help you decide which one is on trend for your particular needs.