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We offer a full range of product development services to ensure your product’s success, and we’re structured to collaborate with your product development team to create a wining strategy for your next product introduction or reformulation.

We offer culinary, technical, sensory and marketing support to help ideate and then actualize your concepts – from the first spark of innovation through market introduction. Whether a concept needs a slight adjustment or you need the full range of our food product development services, we’re ready to support your next product innovation.


For more than 60 years, our single-minded focus and passion for cheese has resulted in the very best cheese and culinary experience for our customers. That means doing more than simply supplying you with ingredients. It means supporting your product development with market insights, along with technical, culinary and sensory services. Consider our seasoned product development team of experts an extension of your own.

Market Insights

Our market research specialists are expert at sifting through a wealth of data and pulling out key insights and trends that are most relevant to your product development. With syndicated data as well as proprietary research on retail categories, demographics, consumer behavior and taste trends, we can get the market information you need for on-trend product development.

Culinary Applications

Collaborate with our certified research chef and certified executive chef to ideate and actualize your concept. All our chefs are skilled in culinary development with a broad knowledge of ethnic cuisines. They work hard to stay one step ahead of trends and anticipate the next popular fusion or flavor to help bring it to your consumers.

Prior to presenting you with a prototype for your evaluation, our team has considered cost, quality, nutrition, regulatory issues, product performance and of course, flavor and visual presentation. Consider our culinary services team an extension of your product development group.

Technical Expertise

Our R&D professionals—food scientists to process engineers—will collaborate with you throughout your entire food product development cycle. We can provide you with the most dedicated and comprehensive level of technical and customer service in the industry. Whether you have a simple question, need us to spend time in your plant or are interested in our help developing an application, our R&D experts are ready to bring you more than 60 years of cheese expertise and culinary skills when and where you need it.

The food development process begins with flavor. After all, every industry survey shows that taste, more than any other aspect of a food product, is what drives customer loyalty. From cutting-edge fusion flavors to more traditional tastes, our culinary team will work with you to develop the right profile to fit your target consumer.

Beyond that, we can use our pilot plant to determine the optimum functionality and performance profiles that fit your specific application parameters. We can test for oil-off, shred, melt, stretch, set-up and freeze/thaw performance, and fine tune cooking instructions. This allows us to optimize the ingredient choice and format that will work best in your transportation, storage and manufacturing facilities.


Sensory evaluation and analysis are used to quantify the terms used to describe mouth feel and texture – creamy, smooth, crunch or chewy, among others. Texture marries with taste and aroma for a complete eating experience. Multiple factors play a role determining a product’s final sensory impact on the consumer, including ingredients, processing methods and even visual appearance. At Sargento we use skilled sensory panelists as well as consumer panels to evaluate products throughout the product development continuum.

Innovation Center

We’re more than a food ingredient supplier – we’re your partner in food product development. That means doing much more than simply supplying a spec sheet. It means creating a customized food ingredient solution that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Our chefs, food scientists, technicians, processing engineers, cheese experts and trend-spotters have the business savvy, creativity and experience to collaborate on projects from concept development, through scale up, to successful finished product. We’re ready to support your product development efforts in our newly expanded research facilities and professionally equipped culinary innovation center in Elkhart Lake, Wis.

Our Elkhart Lake location is home not only to the Sargento Culinary Center, but also to the Research & Development and Engineering departments. Product development and pilot-scale capabilities are co-located to promote interdisciplinary development to better assist our customers.

You’ll get:

• Industry-savvy partners

• Full access to our extensive food technical services team (over 60 staff) dedicated to understanding food product development and food safety

• Insightful food product development assistance

• Increased speed to market for your new food products

• Pilot plant designed to mimic our full-scale production equipment for sauce, process cheese, natural cheese and frozen products

• Decades of food packaging innovation expertise 

Canadian Compliance

As of December 2008, new standards for natural cheese went into effect in Canada. These new standards place special requirements on the minimum casein content. Sargento offers a wide variety of cheeses that are fully compliant with these requirements.