Expanding Your Portion Control Options

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The proliferation of ready-to-eat meals and home meal replacement kits has made it more important than ever to differentiate convenience-oriented products with new flavors, forms, and varieties.

Sargento has a broad selection of natural cheese flavors & varieties, forms & cuts, and pack sizes to help you discover the perfect combination for your next project, and we have the marketing insights and consumer-driven trend info to help your business make the right decisions.

Flavors & Varieties

All the natural cheeses you've come to expect from Sargento - from the mildest cheddar to the latest trending varieties - let you expand your flavor horizons, and our seasoning, herb, spice and smoke options let you expand those horizons even more!

Forms & Cuts

Whats the ideal form or cut for your next project? We have a wide range of shreds, cubes, dices, crumbles and shaved cheeses, plus we have the ability to develop customized solutions that meet unique or specific product requirements.

Pack Sizes

We know that one size definitely does not fit all, and we prove it with over 140 SKU's of shredded, diced and crumbled portion control cheeses in 3 g to 5 oz. packages.

Check Out Our Video

to see how Sargento natural cheese cuts, packs and varieties can meet your business needs!