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Customized packaging—portion control or bulk—for your manufacturing process is our specialty. We have a long history of packaging innovation – from marketing the first shredded natural cheese to introducing a process for vacuum packaging cheese that helps preserve freshness. We know the best tasting cheese and ingredients will lose flavor and freshness unless packaged appropriately and how crucial packaging is for you to achieve your best results. 

Our packaging specialists and product development experts will collaborate with you to assess your needs and select packaging that suits your products and processes to help streamline the use of our ingredients and maximize manufacturing efficiencies.

Portion Control

With all the attention being paid to convenience these days, we can help make your snack or meal kit a hit with consumers. We’re the leader in innovative portion-control packaging that can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

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Whether your needs call for classic tastes or bold, exciting ethnic flavors, Sargento offers an extensive line of domestic and imported bulk natural and process cheese. Our variety of forms and sizes for high-volume manufacturing applications include conversions for exact weight bulk packaging.