Portion Control

With all the attention being paid to convenience these days, we can help make your snack or meal kit a hit with consumers. We’re the leader in innovative portion-control packaging that can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

  • Pouches: Portion-control shredded, diced and cubed cheese
  • Pouches: Portion-control sauces
  • Duets®: Dual fill portion-control packaging



Portion-Control Pouches

With our portion-control pouches, you control the amount of sauce or cheese you want to add to your application. Portion-control pouches can be used in meal kits, with side dishes or bagged salads. The Sargento family of culinary experts will help you custom develop a formula, and then they’ll package it to fit your specifications.

Portion-Control Cheese Pouches

  • 7 g - 16 oz pouches (Clear, white or printed film)

Portion-Control Sauce Pouches

  • 0.5 oz –“ 20 oz capacity