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Cheese-Based Solutions



Innovative, shareable appetizers are critical to your restaurant’s success, and breaded cheese appetizers are a perfect fit. By understanding your business and drawing on our wealth of knowledge, we can help you determine which appetizers are right for you and partner with you in realizing our shared vision – customizing them to your most precise standards and specifications to maximize impact on your menu … and your bottom line.

Culinary Complements™ Products

Take standard menu items and elevate them to create extraordinary taste experiences. Culinary Complements™ products are your ideal “go-to” menu solution – whether you want to reduce waste or provide customers with on-trend concepts that unify menus and drive traffic. Our culinary experts will partner with you to analyze your needs and develop custom blends of cheese and other quality ingredients—from spicy flavors to vegetables and meats—to bring your menu items to the next level.


At Sargento, we’ve built our culinary reputation on our expertise with natural cheeses. They’re an invaluable source of creativity and customization on your menu, and we know how to select the right cheese, flavor and form for all your needs. Sourcing from the finest cheese makers around the nation, we offer wide range and high quality natural cheese varieties and styles available. Combined with our ability to customize blends, cuts and packs, this gives you access to unlimited options for one-of-a-kind menu innovation.