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Skirt Burger

Make your next LTO or menu item stand out with a Skirt Burger!

Skirt burgers have traditionally been made by grilling cheese, similar to a frico, then adding it to a burger, so the cheese forms crispy/gooey "skirt" around the bun. It makes for a striking presentation and a terrific taste. Until now, the popularity of skirt burgers has been limited almost entirely to their northern California birthplace, but all that is about to change. 

Now you have a variety of turn-key solutions for making cheese skirts that are perfect for your menu and your operation:

Culinary Complements – The easiest way to prepare cheese skirts, pre-blended pucks of cheese let you use a microwave or flat-top grill. And you can customize your skirts – from crispy to chewy. Just place the puck on your burger as it's heating or grilling and you're done. 

Sliced Cheese – Place multiple slices of Sargento Natural Blends on your flat-top grill to create your own signature cheese skirt, and add the skirt when you assemble the burger. 

Portion Controlled Shredded Cheese – Manage yields and achieve consistent results every time. Reconstitute on a flat-top grill by melting the shredded cheese, and add the skirt when you assemble the burger. 

Bulk Shredded Cheese – The traditional option, bulk shredded cheese is portioned with a cup and melted on a flat-top grill. The difficulty is maintaining consistency across multiple units. 

Your skirt burgers will deliver satisfying cheddar cheese flavor and high-impact visual appeal to keep your customers coming back for more. And for your biggest cheese loving customers, skirt burgers are real showstoppers that will get them talking on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

At Sargento, we have the expertise, facilities, and culinary team to partner in your next success. We can bring you rapid response samples, answers to your most difficult cheese questions, proprietary consumer insights, innovative LTO and menuing ideas, and the food service experience to help you apply it all to your specific operation. 

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