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Skirt Burger

Your next LTO or menu item can stand out with a Skirt Burger!

The new Culinary Complement skirt burger puck from Sargento makes it easy and efficient to create the perfect crispy/gooey burger "skirt" for your next LTO or permanent menu item. It easily reconstitutes on a flat-top grill – each IQF puck is perfectly portioned for ease of use and precise inventory management.

Made with a delicious blend of Sargento cheeses, your skirt burgers will deliver satisfying cheddar cheese flavor and high-impact visual appeal to keep your customers coming back for more.
 Skirt burgers are real showstoppers that will get them talking on social media.

At Sargento, we have the expertise, facilities, and culinary team to partner in your next success. We can bring you rapid response samples, answers to your most difficult cheese questions, proprietary consumer insights, innovative LTO and menuing ideas, and the food service experience to help you apply it all to your specific operation.

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